Volenti Laurentina (31)

Trident Fitness has benefitted my life in every day functionality. Before I started at Trident Fitness I could not squat. I have had two hip replacements due to hip problems I have had throughout my life. Richard adapted training programs and exercises to me. I can now squat with ease and everyday life activities has improved. I walk a lot better. I have tone in my legs where I didn't have before. I can even run, which I still hate...but I can do it. The positive feeling you get after a session at Trident Fitness drives the rest of my day.

Megan Naude (18)

When I was 4 I was in a car accident which left me unable to do many things - such as run long distances etc. Trident Fitness has helped me in many different ways with regards to this. When I first started, at the end of 2015, I could barely run 100m without thinking my lungs were going to explode and my legs were going to collapse. Since then, my fitness levels have improved immensely and I am able to handle lifting relatively heavy weights. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m extremely proud of all the progress that I have made, and even though I still cannot do a lot of things due to the car accident, there are a lot of things I now can do despite the car accident, thanks to Trident Fitness.

Scott Miller

Knowledge, commitment and motivation combined with family values that demonstrate a care and a passion for all his clients. A genuine leader in his profession and a credit to the South African fitness industry. If you are looking for the personable experience in an amazing training environment, Richard at Trident Fitness is your man.